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George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead (Two-Disc Ultimate Undead Edition)

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Dawn of the Dead / George A. Romero's Land of the Dead (Unrated 2-Movie Collection)


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Dawn of the Dead / George A. Romero's Land of the Dead Double Feature [Blu-ray]

 Looking for George Romero Movie Reviews & George Romero Information About The Zombie Movie Director George A. Romero Or Just Looking To Watch Zombie Movies And Find Pictures Of Zombie Face Painting & Zombie Body Painting For Zombie Masks And Zombie Costumes Ideas for Halloween Zombies Check out our homepage for more zombies and zombie movies online via ZombieShows.com Best Online Zombie Websites For Zombie Fans Around The World To Find Zombies Online

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Zombie 3d Adult Costume - $46.49

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Zombie Doctor Adult

George Romero Movies On Blu Ray Films By The Master Of Horror Zombie Inventor George Romero Classic Zombie Films On Blu Ray


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Why I love zombies & how long have I had a love for zombie films and zombies below. Ops ages is showing when I say I remember watching Night Of The Living Dead when it was new and the first real zombie movie out eh. Grin. I love to watch George Romero Films then and now. I was so happy to see the amazing George Romero coming back with new zombie movies. Now kids today and even us adults that love zombies can see new zombie movies by George Romero *my favorite zombie lover of all time.*

        I love zombie films and grew up with zombie movies like Night Of The Living Dead by the famous & Amazing George Romero. I was shocked to see so many new zombie movies coming out decades later by George Romero. It seems George Romero has been a very busy man in the 2000s. George Romero movies are still the best zombie films ever. In ways George Romero is known as the man that invented zombies.

   If you must ask this zombie fan the answer is yes of course we saw every new zombie film out by George Romero & if or when new zombie movies come out by Mr. Romero you can count on us watching those films also! 2011 Zombie fans like me looking for upcoming zombie movies again grin. Free Videos on that shows zombie face painting I did, best zombie movies in 2010, best zombie movies of all times, best zombies or zombie costumes & zombie videos, games, photos and zombie fun! I use my webcam as a live zombie cam at times to show free zombie shows online. Zombies are not just fun to paint for Halloween Costumes but, I paint zombie all year. Watch Free Zombie Shows Online anytime of day or night. I am a night owl as they say at times and show times are when we feel it is time for new zombie shows and new zombies online.

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