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This movie makeup artists for hire for more than horror films or horror movie makeup and costume designs for this makeup artist can also do movie makeup and stage and theater makeup that is not shock films or horror films and scary movies etc. Since this zombie websites for horror films and scary movies with zombies we only show the movie makeup artists portfolio or photos and videos of scary face and body artwork for zombie films and horror movies online. More photos of this makeup artists face and body paintings are on her cool website for face painter and body painter for hire and fun face and body painters pictures and funny videos via www.facepaint.ws face art etc.

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For the zombie movie I did buy fake blood like used in zombie movies and horror films etc. I also now have zombie contact lenses for zombie movies online etc.

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Zombies have a tendancy to get hurt a lot. These memebers of the undead walk around everywhere not having a care in the world other than when their next hot human meal will be. So if one ever gets injured they will think nothing of it, these zombies no longer feel any pain at all. Now you can look like battle damaged zombie with the help of this great, gory mask. This is perfect for any fan of the Walking Dead or just zombie movies in general.

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Still Shots from new zombie movie upcoming zombie film is an american zombie film made in Sweden for a Swedish background of peace and beautiful nature with the living dead or undead zombies *grin*. Kind of like beauty and the beast within eh. Grin There we have it here a sneak peak preview of still shots from  upcoming zombie movies filmed in Sweden by us at zombieshows.com *Grin* (Kids need not worry that is not a real dead body for it is just one of our zombies from zombie shows coming soon to a computer near you *grin*) Fyi Sverige is Swedish for Sweden in case the zombie shirts Swedish text had you wanting to search it eh. There we have it zombie Leigh in Zombie Movies coming near the zombies Death Day Anniversary aka late August 2013

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 Due to injury of my ankle and lack of healing my zombie films been put on hold for the zombie films ending and final filming of 2013 Swedish Zombie Reports can not be people limping around trying to get away from zombies eh. There we have it the girl with the worlds worse luck in every way & every day in ways now days eh. I will start filming for the zombie movie when I can again walk and run a bit with no swelling.